Yes, you CAN …...

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… wear a bunch of neutrals together, even when they don’t initially seem to “go.” Case in point: (more…)

Transitioning your style into Fall...

I have been obsessed in the past few weeks with the transition to Fall … maybe because of delayed gratification. You know, you want to break out your  [fill in the blank with your latest cool purchase for Fall 2010] but it’s still so darn hot, you really just can‘t.

What I want: Faux fur vest (Scully,

Fortunately, sometimes just reading about getting ready for a new season can provide that little bit of immediate gratification. This blog post fit the bill for me: “20 Ways To Transition Your Style into Autumn,” from the blog You Look Fab.

What do you do to get a little more mileage from your warm weather favorites while awaiting a drop in temperature? Or do you just pack ‘em all away and get a jump on your Fall favorites? Personally, I really can’t wait to wear my new faux fur vest. Leave a comment and how you’ll be transitioning to Fall.

(Ketura Persellin is an image consultant and personal shopper in Washington, DC, and surrounding suburbs. She’ll help you get rid of those 15-year-old jeans and find you an alternative to your college sweatshirt. Find out more here.)

Not too hot, not too cold...

I headed out this morning to take my kids to school and felt just a little chilly in a long linen blouse belted over jeans. Coming back in from that quick trip in the car, I heard on the radio that it was 59 degrees — so that’s why I felt a little too cold. I could have really used an extra layer on top, but sometimes it’s a little hard to know exactly what to wear so that you’ll be warm enough early in the morning (and in the later afternoon and evening) but not too hot when the mercury rises during the middle of the day.

Keep warm in a cape (at Anthropologie)

This transition between warm and cooler weather can be a challenge, but the solution to braving the up-and-down elements in style lies in wearing (and packing) layers. Here are a few ideas about how to (more…)

Perfect jacket for summer, then fall...

I went with a client to Anthropologie this morning and although we didn’t get a ton of stuff, I think we were both happy with what she got. One piece she didn’t get but that we both have on a list for her is this fantastic jacket. At $188, it would be a superb purchase for the money — it has tons of beautiful details, a gorgeous print lining, tie belt, covered zipper and above all the wonderful ruffle around the collar. It’s feminine, but if you’re the kind of woman who thinks she hates ruffles, it’s not over-the-top ruffly. I could see a lot of different types of women wearing it. And I love the idea of it over a dress but you could easily see it with a lacy black cami and dark jeans and heels for night.

(Ketura Persellin is an image consultant in Washington, DC, and surrounding suburbs. Wishing you had the perfect jacket to wear at the beach at night and then when it gets cooler this fall? She can help you track down the perfect piece, “shop” your closet, find the right colors to flatter you most, and more. To read what satisfied clients have to say, click here. To find out more about her services, click here. or more about her services, click here.)

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