KP_headshot_ringHow it works

The first step with any client is a one-on-one phone call during which the person tells me about the challenges she’s experiencing and I explain why I work. Together we develop a plan of action.

We also offer three different packages. We can choose one depending on your own current situation and your desire and need for support.

Not sure which one is best for you? That’s what we can decide together during a complimentary laser-coaching phone session. (Contact me to set up a time to talk.)


A self-contained Wardrobe Workshop — two hours designed to help you get UNSTUCK … so you feel and look great.

It’s YOUR time, but typically clients use the session to:

  • review your goals and how your image aligns with them
  • get support for the decluttering that will bring you peace of mind
  • organize your clothes, so you can see what you already have and what you still might need
  • Create a prioritized shopping list
  • make outfits using what you already own
  • get supportive coaching on other image-related issues, like hair, makeup and glasses

This session gives you the strategies and systems you need to make BIG changes at your own pace. And if you find you’d like more support after all, I’m there to offer it.


This option is for the woman who wants to go at her own pace but would like to know she can reach out for help, support, and encouragement at any time.

This option includes everything in the Basic Wardrobe Workshop PLUS UNLIMITED, ongoing email support for up to a month after our session.



This option is for the woman who wants to get instant results and to feel pampered while doing it. This option begins with a questionnaire you’ll send to me in advance, so I can prepare properly for the session. We’ll start with homework and an assessment of your style. Using that, we develop your “style profile” — how you want to project yourself in the world.

This work is the foundation for everything we do, and it takes the guesswork out of closet editing and shopping. We’ll edit your wardrobe with your own unique style in mind — and draw up a prioritized shopping list of things that will have the most impact on your overall style and image. Best of all, we’ll create brand-new, stylish outfits using you already have! I bring an assistant, so we work super-fast, leaving you feeling pampered, stylish, and organized.

In addition to all of the above, you’ll also receive:

  • a step-by-step blueprint for getting the look that expresses your innermost self most authentically, using the “style profile” we’ll develop during the session
  • tools we’ll use to organize your closet on the spot (trust me, better hangers make a big difference!)
  • a written set of recommendations you can use to follow up the session
  • a personalized lookbook created and delivered
  • special surprise goodies to please your palate and your eye
  • your closet and room cleaned up tidied up (we strive to leave no messes behind!)
  • and a post-session massage, either immediately after the session or at your convenience, so you feel as good as you look.

Whatever service you choose, you can be confident that you’ll be treated as a unique individual with your own particular assets — we specialize in helping women of all shapes and sizes look their very BEST. And afterward, you’ll start looking and feeling more like herself — only better!



Color analysis

Find out what colors flatter you most in a consultation that takes approximately one hour.

Eyeglass-frame shopping

Eyeglass frames are your MOST important accessory and a really powerful way to change your look instantly. I work with a boutique salon and supplement their great advice with my own perspective on what flatters you most and works best with your lifestyle and the image you want to project. (One hour minimum.)

Remote consultations

I can help you refine your personal image wherever you live, using Skype videoconferencing. Sessions are shorter but otherwise just the same as my in-person services. Please contact me for details.



The Wardrobe Workbook: an ebook with insights into current trends, plus tips and suggestions for homing in on your own personal style on your own.

Want more information? Can’t wait to get started? Contact us for a free get-acquainted session or to ask questions: or 202 352 7120