Time to edit your closet...


I’ve seen a lot of closets that look like this.

And it’s no wonder their owner has a hard time managing her image. She can’t find things that she knows are in there. She can’t find the stuff that doesn’t belong in there any more.

This is the time to be doing a thorough editing of your wardrobe if you live in North America.

Even if the weather doesn’t get cold where you live for a few more months, in a week or two, the very lightweight fabrics and light colors won’t look right.
Schedule an hour or two with yourself over the next few weeks to try on every piece of clothing in your closet and ask yourself these three questions.
  • Does it make me feel fabulous? It should. You deserve nothing less.
  • Does it look good on me? It should. It should fit you and be in a color that looks great on you — that brings light, youthfulness, and energy to your face.
  • Did I get it in the past two years? If not, are you quite sure it is not looking either damaged, worn, or dated? This is the time to take a close second look to be sure.
If your time is limited (and whose isn’t?!), start with the pieces you are least interested in wearing. Chances are good that they fail one of the three tests. If it does, put it in a big bag and get it out of your closet, room, house — the sooner the better. Only the best clothes should go to a consignment store; try Reddz, which just opened a second location, in Georgetown. (They only want fall clothes now.)
Go ahead. You have nothing to lose, except clothes you probably weren’t wearing any more anyway. And plenty to gain. Then head on over to my Facebook page and let me know how many pieces you’re parting with, so I can enjoy the experience vicariously.
And of course, if you’d like a second pair of eyes during this process, I’m here to help.
(Ketura Persellin is a personal stylist, image consultant, writer, and public speaker in Washington, DC, and surrounding suburbs.)

5 ways to end your season in style...



One great way to re-energize your look toward the end of the season is with ONE great item you can wear now and wear later, as well. This necklace would work in a range of situations and with a range of outfits. Love it!

Have a listen to the rest of my suggestions for getting through the end of a season looking (and feeling) your best.

Your closet CAN work for you...

I’m delighted to welcome my friend Rachel Strisik to the Wardrobe Workshop. I first met Rachel when she was working with Stacy London on the rollout of Style for Hire, and I was a participant in the first-ever Style for Hire training. We went our separate ways and reconnected last year through a fabulous DC networking group called Her Corner. She’s a stylish, warm person who can take charge of pretty much anything. Here she shares her wisdom about closets, one of my favorite topics.

Guest post by Rachel Strisik of Rachel and Company

Not all closets in the world are created equally and I don’t know about you but I have dreams about my “some-day” closet. It is big, totally organized and absolutely gorgeous in its design. However, until I get that ideal closet, I am


working with the closet I have and I am doing the best that I can to maximize it’s efficiency so that I am able to enjoy getting dressed in the morning, put away my laundry and honestly, just see the clothing that I do love to wear. Are you (more…)

The joyful closet...

Taking the mystery out of getting dressed

We visit our closets once, twice, maybe even three times a day to assemble outfits that represent our best self, but it’s a space that is easy to neglect. After all, in most cases, you can (and do) just shut the door on it! But getting dressed in the morning would be a lot more pleasant (and lead to more stylish and confidence-building results) if the closet you are standing in front of were orderly and attractive.

Does your closet rebuke and depress you — is it filled with things that don’t fit or that you even don’t like? Or does it inspire you and support your style and self-expression, align with your personal professional goals, and give you a sense of confidence in yourself, and even joy?

Yes, it can and should do all of that!

Here are five ways to beautify your closet.


The first step to decluttering your closet is to remove all those plastic dry-cleaning bags. Next get rid of the

mismatched hangers. Choose a single hanger style that suits you and looks good in your soon-to-be-pretty

The pile of discards, ready to be given to a friend

A pile of discards

closet. (I recommend Slimline hangers in Camel.) Finally, find a different home for anything that doesn’t relate directly to the act of getting dressed (skis, old clothes, or other people’s belongings or clothes).


Let’s start with color. Over the years closet walls may get a little banged up and maybe even look dingy. Give your closet a lift by taking everything out and repainting. Choose a basic white that can go with a standard white or


This client loves her freshly painted pink closet.

take a favorite color of yours and use a lighter hue to adorn the walls. (My friend and decorator extraordinaire Annie Elliott of bossy color recommends Benjamin Moore 2052-60 China Blue and 2086-40 Deep Carnation.) After the paint dries, check out the lighting. If it’s too dim, install fixtures so you can clearly see every piece you own.


Your closet is your own private boutique – and it should look every bit as nice as a regular boutique. When you


Scarves and shawls at the ready.

walk into your closest and see all the possibilities, getting dressed is easier and fun. Keep everything as displayed as possible:

  • Sweaters, jeans and t-shirts folded on open shelves.
  • You’ll wear more of your accessories if they’re on display as well, so shop for a jewelry stand or add hooks to the wall for necklaces.
  • Display bags on pretty hooks along a wall high, enough to be out of the way but low enough so you can swap them out without a lot of trouble, and
  • Scarf and belt racks will make it easy you see what you have.


Depending on the size of your closet, you may have room to decorate with inspirational photos or quotations. Getting small frames and filling them with looks you like or sayings that make you feel good is a great way to add a personal touch to your closet. A full-length mirror may be a great place to write (with a washable pen) a weekly goal or a reminder to wear a particular piece of clothing or an accessory. Or it’s a great place to put an affirmation that is meaningful to you.


A lovely way to enjoy the space you get dressed in is to add a wonderful scent that you enjoy. Lavender sachets


will help keep your closet and drawers smelling fresh. Or a gardenia floating in a clear bowl on your dresser looks and smells beautiful.

Keeping track of outfits with Cloth, the...



In my one-on-one work with clients, what they say they love the most is the outfits I create for them.

Well, there’s no app for that, unfortunately, although certainly there are tons of sources of inspiration and how-to information.

But I did just discover a fabulous app for documenting the outfits, which is part two of the process in my individual work. First we create the outfit (sometimes it takes a few tries to get it just right) and then we record the details. I used to write down all the elements on a beautifully designed template. Now, though, most my clients prefer a quick snapshot.

That’s all well and good, but then you have pictures of your outfits mixed with pictures of your kids and of your latest vacation and the flower you spotted on a run last week.


With Cloth, however (and no, I am not working for them), you can keep a record of outfits you like in their own app. You can tag them by occasion and even use a special in-app weather feature to sort them according to the day’s temp.

It was extremely easy to use and I will be using it with all my clients from now on. Give it a try!

(Ketura Persellin is an image consultant, stylist, writer, and public speaker in Washington, DC, and surrounding suburbs. Contact her for a complimentary get-acquainted session.)

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