Inspiration is everywhere...


As the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer, I start to notice the beauty in our environment so much more. How about you? Today the budding camellia bush in my yard really got my attention. Isn’t it pretty?

10 ways to stand out in style...


Do you wonder how you can use your personal image to stand out in the workplace (and in your off-hours, too)? Here are 10 great and easy-to-implement ways to get the visibility and profile you want and need.

1. Create impact. Use color and texture strategically: Blend similar hues within an outfit, create blocks of color in your outfit, or use a mix of textures in one color to create interest.


2. Frame your face. Add dimension to your hair color with lowlights or highlights. Or ask your hair stylist for products that will add shine to your hair. You may be in need of a style change. Perhaps it’s (more…)

Lighten up for spring!...


My Style Pill

It’s that time of year: You’re ready to come out of hibernation. But how do you put spring in your fashion step when the weather’s not cooperating? No worries! Here’s a guide for changing up your look in this transitional time between seasons.

Reveal more skin

Layer a long-sleeve sheer top over a cami and add a cardigan or wrap in a lighter color if you (more…)

Shine on...

Shine on


I am loving chunky, flat (or near-flat) metallic sandals for spring. They’re comfortable yet stylish — a great alternative to the ubiquitous plastic flip-flop.

Crushing on orange...

Orange crush


It doesn’t get much easier than this: orange dress + sandals + earrings. (Add bangles, too, if you want to get a little more complicated.) Don’t love how you look in orange? No problem, just pick a version in a cooler color or choose one with a more flattering color next to your face, like this white one. Pregnant? No problem! And there’s even this beautiful one by Etcetera.

(Ketura Persellin is a wardrobe and style consultant in Washington, DC, and surrounding suburbs. She helps women and men look and feel their best. Please contact her for a complimentary get-acquainted session.)

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