Link Love Friday

red_coral_necklace_largeStuff I’ve seen around the Web recently — check them out and leave a comment letting me know what you think!

1. Possibly the Perfect Pair of Shoes. (Warning: There is height involved.) (

2. This would make everything you own — OK, not everything, but a LOT — look much much better. (

3. I am loving this book, about a famous painting, the painter, and the model. Reads like a romance novel. I’m half-way through and can’t wait to see how it ends. (

4. A great summer necklace — wear with white, navy, leaf green, gray. (

5. Boost your productivity or just feel much hipper when you work with this on. (

6. In love with this woman’s style.

7. Don’t wait another moment before finding out everything you need to know to make the perfect summer lemonade. (

8. Before you hit summer sales, read up about how not to make a ton of easily avoided mistakes. (

9. Michelle Obama is on Instagram! Check it out. (

10. This blog is a new find but I will be checking it frequently. (

(Ketura Persellin is an image consultant, personal stylist, writer, and public speaker, in Washington, DC, and surrounding suburbs. Sign up for her free weekly newsletter to receive great tips and resources.)

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