Is this you?


Are you a successful, busy, take-charge woman who’s neglected her appearance and wardrobe for lack of time or direction?

Do you have blind spot when it comes to your own personal style?

Do you wonder if your professional presence is somehow lacking — if a few small changes could make a difference to you professionally and/or personally?


“Who knew that my time with you would change my life? It was such a pleasure to work with you. I trusted that you’d give me honest feedback about my wardrobe and closet, and you did.” (Rebecca, realtor, DC)


Would you love a discreet, friendly, and non-judgmental person by your side, guiding you toward a personal style that reflects who you are from the inside out?

I can help.

If you’d like to get private, discreet, and efficient professional help with your personal style and personal branding, please contact me. We’ll set up a short conversation during which I’ll explain how it works and suggest a plan of action. Please contact me for a complimentary get-acquainted session: 202 352 7120 or

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